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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The importance of sleep & how Chiropractic can help

Without the daily restoration that takes place during sleep, life takes on a raw edge – a feeling that millions know all too well. Chiropractic, in combination with complementary and alternative therapies, may be proven effective in diagnosing sleep disorders and delivering treatments that offer the promise of a better night’s sleep. “Sleep disorders are […]

Golf and Chiropractic

Compared to other sports, golf may seem like it’s not as physically demanding with only a minimal chance of sustaining injuries. There may not be a lot of running, falling, being tackled or breath holding, but golf does cause a considerable amount of wear and tear – especially on the joints. With spring well and […]

Chiropractic helpful in improving workplace efficiency

I see the benefits of Chiropractic care with Chiropractic Central’s clients on a daily basis. This recent announcement from the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (SA) on the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association website confirms what many Chiropractors (and patients) know already. Of interest in the article is this assessment of Chiropractic care for Australian workers. […]

Aches and Pains: Don’t buy into the myth!

“You’ll just have to learn to live with it, you’re getting older.” Many older Australians have heard these words in response to their complaints. Aches, pains and a lack of mobility and function are so common that some of us even think that it is normal to ache as we age. The truth is that […]

Excuse to Juice Event

Well our Excuse to Juice night last night was a fantastic event and it was great to see so many of our clients and their families and friends learning about the benefits of juicing and also tasting some delicious recipes. There was a lot of demand and placed filled up quickly and I look forward […]

Forward Head Posture

Would you be surprised that your neck and shoulders hurt if you had a 5 kilogram watermelon hanging around your neck?  According to Dr I.A. Kapandji (Physiology of the Joints, Volume III), for every 2.5 cm your head moves forward, it gains 5 kilograms in weight – as far as the muscles in your upper […]