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Spinal Health Week 2016

As 2016 is progressing, we are also coming up to 2016 Spinal Health Week. This years theme is Back you Inner Athlete. Leading up to the Rio Olympics this year, we are wanting Back-Your-Inner-Athleteto inspire people to release your own inner athlete. You don’t need to be world class athlete to release your inner potential. There are so many ways you can be doing this yourself and we want to help!

Over this month we will be celebrating in our office, as well as doing Spinal Screens in our local gyms and events within our community. We would like all of our Chiropractic Community to get involved and get your family and friends to come in and check out what Chiropractic has to offer.

Studies have found that Chiropractic and Exercise work hand in hand together, and by getting adjusted helps recovery time from strenuous exercise. We also know that adjusting subluxations removes interference to blocked nerves, which in turns helps our body function at a higher level. And doesn’t everyone want their body to working at optimum?

In this day and age we are moving less, eating more and creating much more disease in our bodies. Luckily we are slowly waking up to these scary statistics and starting to do something about it. By changing what we eat and the way we eat, getting into better exercise routines and researching self care to look after our own bodies so we can prevent disease rather than working with symptoms of diseases we have created.

We are urging our local community to do this and get experienced in your own health and wellness. Visit your local Chiropractor to learn more about the health of your spine and awareness of your body. These are the first steps forward into a world where you take control. Nobody else is going to do this for you.


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