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Have you lost your Christmas Cheer?

Have you lost your Christmas Cheer?


Christmas is coming and I am totally one of those annoying people who starts bringing it up super early.  I find it so interesting and have actually found myself this year that maybe Christmas has turned into Christress. When I start talking about the season with people I am met with comments like “The silly season is so crazy and hectic!” or “I don’t even want to think about it, it starts to stress me out!”

Where has that excitement and anticipation gone from when we were kids?

I’ll tell you where it’s gone.  It’s been buried with what we think we “have” to do with what actually matters.

So lets take this back and find your cheer.

Number 1. Get adjusted.  If you are in a stress response, your adjustment will help shift that response, release tension and reduce that “fight/flight” response on a cellular level.  You will feel/think and be better for it.  Game Changer.

Number 2. Make a list.  It works for Santa, it’ll work for you.  On the list write down everything you think has to get done.  Then beside each point, write down a number on a scale between 1 and 5.  Use One if it is an action that if it doesn’t get done, Christmas doesn’t happen.  Use 5 if it is an action that you would like to get done but if it doesn’t happen Rudolf will still have a red nose.

Number 3.  Breathe.  Honestly this works.  Take 10 diaphragmatic breaths, consciously 3 times every day.  Do it after you finish each main meal (I’m sure you don’t forget those, so you won’t forget the breaths).  By diaphragmatic breaths I mean big breaths that you take in through your nose and out of your mouth that go all the way down to your belly.  This may sound silly but it totally shifts your stress response, your concentration and your brain functioning. I could go on but they tell me attention span these days is only approximately 0.3 seconds, so I will leave it there.  Just do it.

Number 4. Make some new traditions.  Because traditions are the things that create some of our best memories, not how many presents you receive or how perfect the Christmas ham was.  It’s about the people around you and the feelings/moments that you share.  Think quality over quantity.  Ask yourself; “Who is going to bring out the best in me this holiday season? How do I spend more time with them? Wwhat do I want to be doing with that time?”  Maybe that’s doing 12 days of thankfulness in a Christmas journal, or maybe it’s making an awesome Christmas playlist with your family/ friends and dancing the night away. For inspirations and ideas, check our instagram @chiropracticcentral or facebook Chiropractic Central for our 12 days of Christmas traditions.

Number 5. Live in the moment- You won’t  have this moment again and you choose to make the best of it, or the worst of it.  Don’t let the external situation knock your internal ship off course.  Keep rowing your boat.


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