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Solutions not Resolutions


So here we are….. beginning of February, 2017. ALREADY!!  How are you making out with those resolutions?  Did you even make one?

Research shows that 95% of people have broken their resolution by January 15th and many people aren’t even making them anymore.  Why??

Because they have made a resolution every year before and have never stuck with it and they are over feeling they have “failed” and “what’s the point”.

But we are missing the boat!!  This doesn’t mean we need to throw out resolutions, its just that we don’t need resolutions, we need SOLUTIONS.

How do we do this?

Firstly, we must realize that as humans, happiness come from progress.  We must feel we are progressing and this gives us a feeling of happiness.  It’s not about “getting things”.  This provides temporary fulfillment but soon that excitement dies and we are looking for the next thing we can “get”.  Happiness actually comes from when we feel progress and that may be different things for different people.  There are four steps that we need for progression and for SOLUTIONS

Step one: We must have a COMPELLING Vision.  This is a vision that excites us.  One that pulls us, not one that we have to push ourselves to do. A vision that we have to push for requires motivation and won’t last.  A vision that pulls us, we are INSPIRED by. If you need help finding what your compelling vision is start by looking at your wheel of life and what is important to you.  This wheel will show where there are imbalances and where you would be best to start putting your focus.

Step two: You need the WHY.  What is your why for what you want to accomplish?  You need those reasons and they need to be strong reasons so that when the going gets tough you remember those reasons and they become bigger than the temptation to give up.  And even if we do happen to go off course we can then easily get back on track because our compass (our why) has kept us facing north.

Step three: Review and FEEL it everyday!  This may mean putting up a picture next to your bed.  Or write a mantra on your bathroom mirror that you read every morning.  If you review this everyday it then sensitizes a part of your brain known as your RAS that is in control of the things that you notice. It’s like if you decide you want a red Ferrari and you want it so so bad and you think about it all the time and you talk to your friends about it, all of a sudden you start seeing red Ferrari’s everywhere.  Do you think they just started driving showing up around you?  No.  They have been there the whole time but now you are just sensitized and your brain is noticing and picking up anything that will give you an opportunity to get a red Ferrari.  Use this!

Step four: Form your rituals.  Rituals are just actions that you do on a regular basis.  This is where the power is.  All results in your life, good or bad, come from the rituals you are currently doing.  So start consciously being aware of what your rituals are that got you to where you are now and start creating new rituals to move you in the direction of your vision and goals (this can be something as small as having a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon and apple cider vinegar EVERY morning to boost your health).  In creating these new rituals this will RAISE YOUR STANDARDS and start to naturally shift your results.

I challenge you to take a short period of time TODAY and answer these questions:

  • What’s an area that you want to improve?
  • Write down how that area is in your life right now. The truth.
  • What are the rituals that have put me there?
  • What do you want? What is your vision? Be specific
  • What are the rituals that will get you there? Be SMART about your rituals

“Change your game… only have one life to live so do it laughing, loving and learning!”


Love Dr Sarah


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