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The Secret To Boost Workplace Mindfulness

I am regularly in corporate environments sharing our corporate wellness program and the question I ask is “What does productivity mean to you?”

So I pose this question to you, my friend. Grab your glass of wine and sit down and just have a think about what that means for you. You don’t need to be in a corporate environment to think about what is productivity for you?

You may be a stay at home mom who is wearing a million hats and trying to make it all meet. You may be a wanderer and traveller full of wanderlust. You may be a hardcore, focused career driven individual ready to climb the corporate ladder and smash out career goals. There is no right or wrong. It is completely what is productivity and purpose for you?


In the corporate arena, companies are well aware the Stress is a global crisis. They are looking for solutions. Presenteeism (showing up at work but not fully functioning) is at an all-time high and yet “productivity” and “hitting KPI’s and Targets” are the main focus.

There are so many business owners and corporate executives that are aware of this problem and want to help employees but don’t know where to start.

It breaks down into two basic steps:

  1. Managing your Nervous System
  2. Managing your attention

As mindfulness expert Jeremy Hunter, PhD, of the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University and founding director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute discusses; When managing your nervous system there are different exercises you can implement to increase concentration and focus. One seven-step exercise is seven-step exercise, one that is called “Point-Seat-Feet-Root.”

Start off with what Hunter calls “Getting Ready”: Find a comfortable position — perhaps in a chair or on the floor, maybe with your eyes closed — and try to recognize what your body feels when it is in that state of comfort.

Next, in the “Point” step, focus your mind on a spot about two inches below your belly button.

Then let your attention drift downward and feel the connection between your body and your seat, paying attention to your breathing, your pulse, and the relaxed sensation in your muscles.

Shift your focus down to your feet, to where they meet the floor. Pay attention to that feeling. How is it different from the others?

Now, imagine there are roots growing out of the bottom of your feet. What sensations does that evoke?

Think about the preceding steps. Which one was the most comfortable and which the least?

Finally, open your eyes and look around you. Does anything seem different from when you started?

In Managing your Attention:

Remember that “Quality of Life equals the quality of your attention.” Your life is what you give your attention to.

First of all, multitasking is a myth. Use the strategy of “recognizing right now you are here”. Be present in the moment and with the task you are doing at hand. Set yourself a time limit on that task and work toward completing within that timeframe. Don’t make it longer than 40-60 minutes and when you get to that time move to another focused task.

EQUATION: Focus and Attention = Time + Your Energy

If you are wanting more strategies on how to increase your team productivity and culture in your work environment please contact us for Dr Sarah to discuss our different corporate wellness programs that would work for you to take your team to the next level.

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