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Are you your biggest cheerleader or your hardest critic??


Turn this around by getting into self-care…. this isn’t just for ladies!


Looking after you is an important everyday practice. You can stay on top of your work and on top of your mental and physical health by practising self-care daily.


But first, it’s important to recognise what self-care looks like. Self-care is more than just getting enough sleep, having a healthy diet and exercising regularly. True self-care means putting yourself first, prioritising your mental and physical health and working towards being the best version of you.


Neglecting to look after you can lead to stress and burnt out which can then lead to even more serious problems.


Strategies for self-care

Make time for it

Whether it’s waking up 20 minutes early to make sure you have enough time to eat breakfast, have a moment to yourself and make sure that you are not rushing out the door or staying in to read a good book, make sure you set time each day to do something just for you.

Learn to switch off

Constantly checking your phone for emails, calls, messages and notifications can increase stress and has been known to affect our moods. Learn to switch off and disconnect from technology to form a healthier and happier you.


One of the best ways to take care of your spine and your body, in general, is to exercise. Regular exercise strengthens the body, tones the muscles, and improves postures and releases stress. It’s important to combine self-care with Chiropractic care for optimal spine, nervous system and health.

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