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Get Your Spine Looking Fine

Here are five ways to get your spine in tip-top shape!

Improve Your Posture

When you’re at work or sitting down, take note of your posture. How are you sitting? It’s important to practice good posture while sitting down as poor posture can lead to significant spinal problems. Visit Chiropractic Central and we can help identify the cause and effects of poor posture and offer treatment and postural exercises to help improve your posture.

Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise will not only help you feel good and look good, it will also instantly improve the health of your spine.

Support your back when carrying heavy things

Lifting things the wrong way is one of the main causes of back injuries and poor spinal health. Always be careful when lifting heavy objects and remember to use safe lifting techniques.

Sleep in comfort

Invest in a mattress and pillow that allows your spine to rest and be supported in a comfortable way. Get you and your pillow checked at Chiropractic Central by a professional.

Do some spinal exercises!

Posterior bridge: This exercises when done effectively activates glutes and stabilizes the spine to make your spine smile. A great side effect is it makes your bum look great! You want to make sure that your feet are under your knees so that your hamstrings don’t fire and before you lift, tighten your glutes (butt muscles) and then lift. Hold for 3 big breaths and then slowly lower down. Repeat 5-10 times.


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