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3 Simple Solutions (Not Resolutions) For The New Year

Read this before you give up on your new year’s resolutions   Here are Dr Sarah’s tips to help you make the most out of your 2018: Get rid of the word resolution instead consider this: Reinvention, Repeat, Resolve Reinvention: Shake up 2018! Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition […]

Pubic Pain in Pregnancy

This week I thought I would touch on a subject that I have only very recently encountered.. With being pregnant, sometimes you feel like your body is still the same as before you were pregnant. It is not until something happens and you get some severe pain that you know your body is changing dramatically. This […]

Adjusting the Subluxated Spine changes brain function

New Research is now out about adjusting the subluxated spine changes brain function. Below is an article recently out with the new research. We are very excited to announce that another Spinal Research Foundation facilitated research has been published in a highly reputable journal [1]. The study, undertaken by Heidi Haavik, Kelly Holt, Bernadette Murphy and […]

Is your Spine ready for Summer?

Is your spine ready for summer? With summer upon us it is important to remember that as we shake off the winter dust and start to do more outdoor activities and get back into different sports and fun activities, it is important to prepare our bodies and spines before just jumping in head first and […]

Do you want to Boost your Immune System?

  Today we came across this fantastic article from Pathways Magazine, just felt we needed to share this with all of our families and friends. Knowledge is a great thing and e definitely are passionate about using as many natural forms of self healing as possible. So have a read below at this great article […]

Massage and Naturopathy in June

In April, we ran a competition asking people to describe the best massage they have ever had and what made it so good in 50 words or less. The theme of the responses seemed to be about all the sensory details of the experience, demonstrating how massage brings people into being in the present moment. […]

Spinal Health is Brain Health: NZ study

The spinal cord is literally an extension of the brain, which means that spinal health is brain health says the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association. The New Zealand College of Chiropractic Centre for Chiropractic Research has recently published a study in the journal Experimental Brain Research[2], which suggests that full spine chiropractic adjustments can significantly improve brain­/body communication and […]

Are your shoes telling you something?

The top six signs you need to visit a chiropractor Most people tend to associate chronic back pain with their chiropractor, however these six signs below, as outlined recently are good indicators that you need to come and see us! Your shoes: A good sign that your body might be misaligned is oddly worn out shoe […]

Chiropractor’s Activator: Dr Sarah featured in Sydney Morning Herald

Chiropractic Central’s Dr Sarah MacNeil was recently featured online by the Sydney Morning Herald. In the story, she discusses the use of the Activator – a tool chiropractors use to achieve better movement in clients’ spines. You can read the online version here or read an excerpt below: Tools of the trade TOOL: Activator Name: […]

All I want for Christmas

What’s on your children’s Santa list this Christmas? If it’s a new iPad, or hand held gaming console it’s good to ensure that your child’s overuse of it doesn’t cause posture concerns. Limiting time on the iPad is a struggle for parents, and this story has some great tips for proper posture and time limits […]