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How can taking care of your spine optimise your health?

Your health is your greatest wealth and taking care of yourself should be a top priority. Chiropractic is great as it’s a natural approach to treating symptoms such as joint pain, backaches or headaches and help you to achieve your best. If you’ve never seen a chiropractic before, chiropractic adjustments are a natural approach to […]

How can taking care of your spine optimise your health?

Stress and Meditation Workshop Lane Cove

Chiropractic Central’s upcoming Stress and Meditation Workshop Tuesday, 5th of May will provide you with the resources you need to reduce stress and increase healthy responses to stress. Chiropractic Central’s own Dr Sarah MacNeil will be joining a panel of guest speakers who will share their insights into reducing and avoiding stress. To book your […]

Are your muscles holding you still?

Stress has an accumulative effect of building up layer upon layer and is a large contributing factor for multiple different diseases. Notice what happens in your body when you think about something stressful.Which areas tighten up in response? Are you holding your breath or bracing anywhere? The resting length of your muscles is your energy […]

Remedial Massage – A complementary service at Chiropractic Central

Late last year we welcomed Vivienne Murray to Chiropractic Central. Vivienne has become an integral team member whose massage practice complements our core Chiropractic service. Vivienne’s Remedial Massage practice is based on Myofascial Release with the primary influence being Sports Massage; the focus during treatments is to resolve muscular tension and adhesions (knots) while facilitating […]

Welcome our newest team member

We are very excited to have our new massage therapist joining the Chiropractic Central team. Vivienne has over 24 years’ experience in remedial massage, sports massage and myofascial release. As a welcome offer, she will be doing one hour massages for $75 instead of the usual fee of $95. This deal applies to your first […]