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5 Ways To Escape The Sugar Trap

  At Chiropractic Central we are about an Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well philosophy. Sugar can have a dramatically negative impact on our health. Can you imagine a life without sugar? It can be difficult and be challenging to give up sugar as not only is it delicious and addictive but it is almost […]

How Does Sugar Affect Your Brain And Nervous System?

Your central nervous system (including your brain and spinal cord) is your master system controlling all cells, tissues and organs in your body. Your Nervous System can be effected in many different ways by different factors. The health of your spine can have an impact on your nervous system which is one of the things […]

Halloween at Chiropractic Central

Kid’s Club members and their families are invited to join the Chiropractic Central team for a special Halloween afternoon on Thursday 31st of October. From 3.30pm, there will be free adjustments for kid’s club members, posture and back checks for friends and family, pumpkin painting, face painting and healthy Halloween treats. Our younger clients (and […]