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Is your Spine ready for Summer?

Is your spine ready for summer? With summer upon us it is important to remember that as we shake off the winter dust and start to do more outdoor activities and get back into different sports and fun activities, it is important to prepare our bodies and spines before just jumping in head first and […]

Teeing-off in this glorious May weather?

Thank you to everyone who made our Spinal Health Week 2014 fantastic. Our wellness nutrition seminar was well attended and many first time visitors took advantage of our complementary spinal check and report! In September last year I shared a post about Golf and Chiropractic that that discussed common golf injuries and how Chiropractic can […]

Golf and Chiropractic

Compared to other sports, golf may seem like it’s not as physically demanding with only a minimal chance of sustaining injuries. There may not be a lot of running, falling, being tackled or breath holding, but golf does cause a considerable amount of wear and tear – especially on the joints. With spring well and […]