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Release your Inner Calm

Are you feeling the pressures of everyday life in the fast lane? There are plenty of ways to help yourself find the calm among the storm. Lets look to one of the easiest things to use… YOUR BREATH!! Controlled breathing is a great technique that can be used to help lower blood pressure, promote feelings […]

Pubic Pain in Pregnancy

This week I thought I would touch on a subject that I have only very recently encountered.. With being pregnant, sometimes you feel like your body is still the same as before you were pregnant. It is not until something happens and you get some severe pain that you know your body is changing dramatically. This […]

Spinal Health Week 2016

As 2016 is progressing, we are also coming up to 2016 Spinal Health Week. This years theme is Back you Inner Athlete. Leading up to the Rio Olympics this year, we are wanting to inspire people to release your own inner athlete. You don’t need to be world class athlete to release your inner potential. […]

Adjusting the Subluxated Spine changes brain function

New Research is now out about adjusting the subluxated spine changes brain function. Below is an article recently out with the new research. We are very excited to announce that another Spinal Research Foundation facilitated research has been published in a highly reputable journal [1]. The study, undertaken by Heidi Haavik, Kelly Holt, Bernadette Murphy and […]

Researchers Quantify Chiropractor Care

This recent ABC interview shed light on the Chiropractic sector in Victoria. The study involved recruiting 50 Victorian Chiropractors and asked them to report details of their next 100 patients. With about one in six Australians seeking chiropractic care in any given year, researchers have formed a picture of who uses their services and why. […]

Golf and Chiropractic

Compared to other sports, golf may seem like it’s not as physically demanding with only a minimal chance of sustaining injuries. There may not be a lot of running, falling, being tackled or breath holding, but golf does cause a considerable amount of wear and tear – especially on the joints. With spring well and […]

Chiropractic helpful in improving workplace efficiency

I see the benefits of Chiropractic care with Chiropractic Central’s clients on a daily basis. This recent announcement from the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (SA) on the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association website confirms what many Chiropractors (and patients) know already. Of interest in the article is this assessment of Chiropractic care for Australian workers. […]