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Corporate Wellness

Need a passionate speaker to inspire your team and initiate or enhance your corporate wellness program?

Dr. Sarah is now booking for workshops and seminars to increase your team’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Did you Know:

Dr. Sarah’s workshops specialize in posture stress especially in this “tech neck” era to increase awareness and give easy to implement strategies to counteract stressors in the workplace. This increases productivity, decreases absenteeism and creates a culture within your team that is beneficial to both employer and employee.

Dr Sarah has spoken recently at Amazon Web Services, Sony, Telstra, Hewlett Packard to name a few and been involved in their wellness programs.

Dr. Sarah is available for talks and seminars that can be tailored solutions based on the requirements of the team and budgets. Based in Sydney but is available to travel.

Our sessions typically include:

  • Interactive Workshop
  • Take home packs including: easy to implement spinal hygiene exercises, ergonomic tips, heavy lifting tips/information and posture and spinal health statistics and info
  • Interactive demonstration of spinal hygiene exercises and strategies to decrease stressors
  • Top tips to optimise desk workspace

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