Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Want to reduce Stress and increase productivity in your staff?

Are you an HR or wellness officer looking to implement a wellness program in your office?

Did you Know:

  • Healthy employees are 3x more productive than unhealthy employees

  • The average Australian office worker misses 9.3 days of work per year from stress

  • Underperformance due to stress costs Australia $24.7 billion per year

  • 90% of Australian deaths are related to chronic disease Johns, G. Presenteeism in the workplace. Journal of Organizational Behaviour (2010).

  • Sitting is the new smoking

  • Researchers have found and continue to find evidence that prolonged sitting increases the risk of developing several serious illnesses like various types of cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Our Company is now booking Health and Wellness Seminars for local businesses and companies on the topic of posture, spinal hygiene and stress in the workplace.

We tailor these seminars to the needs of your company or event and they typically run for 30-45 minutes

We also work with Leftfield corporate wellness to help provide a holistic solution for corporates to increase their health and wellbeing.

Visit them here!


“Thank you Dr Sarah – really to the point seminar with lots of informative info and tips for things we can easily take on to improve our spine health!” “Really appreciated the Spine talk – lots of info, good to learn really why we need to look after our backs! And I’m trying to get my colleagues to join me every day for a few minutes of spinal exercise!”

- Sony

“It was fantastic having Dr. Sarah visit Telstra. Sarah was amazing at providing awareness and education on the spine and how pivotal it is to our everyday lives and bodies. We frequently use her recommended exercises and most of us are exploring or have become her clients. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah.”

- Telstra

Afterwards we all spoke about various points Dr Sarah made throughout the presentation. Already I have noticed a lot more standing going on, including me. One person mentioned how impressive you were as a presenter. Very passionate and made lots of important points. This same person really took the "5 degrees" point to heart and related that to how he is working with his customers - i.e. a small change now could mean a massive, positive change long term for his customer. Well done and thanks for coming in!

- Amazon AWS

“As most of employees are office based and spend a lot of time sitting at their workstations we thought it would be a great benefit to employees health and well-being to have Sarah come along and educate people about the importance of spinal health. Employees came away from the session with a new awareness of how the spine plays a huge role in optimising body function and overall health. They were provided with ideas for how they could improve their posture and support the health of their spine through taking regular breaks and performing stretches. Sarah made the session very interesting and kept the audience engaged throughout. Chiropractic Central also provided free spinal screens for those employees who were interested in an individual assessment which were very popular.”

- Danone Nutricia

"It was great having Dr Sarah and Phoebe visit Beresfords Financial Planning. The presentation was immensely valuable and definitely an eye opener for all our staff in regards to the importance of spinal care and how pivotal it is to our wellbeing . Dr Sarah’s passion and knowledge was amazing and we all look forward to incorporating her recommended exercises as part of our daily routine.
Thank you"

- Beresfords Financial Planning Ltd