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Dr Sarah

About Dr Sarah MacNeil

Dr. Sarah is the owner and director of Chiropractic Central. She is the principal Chiropractor in the team and also an author and speaker. A self proclaimed nerd in regards to all things health, she loves a good inspirational quote and an invigorating run on the beach.

Anyone who knows her, knows she loves to talk. Mostly in sharing her love and passion for helping people take their health to the next level. This is why she regularly goes in to businesses and speaks at women’s events to discuss posture and spinal health and how to have a sexy nervous system!

Her mission is to grow, learn and live to 110 laughing and dancing all the way while serving the people around her who want the same things.

Dr. Sarah has recently been into Amazon, Sony, Telstra, HP and others to initiate and enhance their corporate wellness programs to give strategies to employees to decrease stress and increase productivity. She is passionate about disrupting the cultural norm around what is health and shows teams how easy it is to take their health to the next level and in turn optimize their life.

Dr. Sarah is available for talks and can create tailored solutions based on team requirements and budgets. She is based in Sydney but is available to travel.

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One in All of Us

Check out Dr. Sarah’s new book - One in All of Us (click here) . A children’s book for ages 4-8 about a girl who learns that her spine is her friend! Dr. Sarah recognizes that our future is in our children and if we can teach them about the importance of their health and how to take responsibility for it, we will have a whole new exciting generation.