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Well Adjusted Babies Book

An excellent resource for any parent preparing to conceive, currently pregnant or already with children.

Dr Jennifer gives well researched and practical information and advice on everything from pre-conception diet and lifestyle tips, help to navigate through the barrage of pregnancy testing through to natural labour techniques, which foods when and vaccination.

Price: $60 + P&H

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Take your essential Omegas as close to the natural form as possible with this wild liquid oil. Light and lemon flavoured, it’s easy to digest and take as a daily supplement for the entire family.

Practitioner only range.

Price: $75 + P&H

Vision for Vitality Handbook

Helping you achieve your best health, naturally.

Price: $24.95 + P&H

Peanut Pillow

Excellent for neck and back support during travel and desk bound activity or use between your knees when sleeping or under your neck when relaxing on the lounge.

Price: $22.55 + P&H

Equilibras™ E-Flip Thongs

E-Flip thongs with built in orthotics for maximum comfort and support. Maximises balance and power. Available in children and adult sizes.

Assorted sizes.

Price: $35-55 + P&H

Memory Foam Contour Pillow

Fully adjustable

Price: $99.00 + P&H

Contour Pillow

Price: $50.00 + P&H